Why your business needs a Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

It’s rare that an SME can afford to bring a full-time CIO in-house. Unfortunately, this is the sector that can least afford the IT problems that arise from not having strategic IT planning and risk mitigation. Engaging a Virtual CIO (vCIO) when you need one may be the answer.

What is a Virtual CIO?

A Virtual CIO is an experienced consultant who performs the exact same functions as an employed CIO – except on a ‘needs must’ basis. Typically, a CIO’s duties include:

  • Developing strategic IT goals aligned with wider business goals
  • Allocating the IT budget
  • Auditing and tweaking business processes in line with technological advances

Here are 6 real reasons a Virtual CIO may be right for your business.

More affordable

A Virtual CIO makes it possible for SMEs to access the unlimited IT capabilities of a large organisation. All for a fraction of the cost of the remuneration package of a permanent CIO.

Your vCIO can even save you money by examining internet or telephone contracts to identify unused services and potential cost savings.

Competitive advantage

InfoTech Solutions’ Virtual CIO advisory service provides you with the trusted advice and sound planning you need to stay one step ahead in today’s commercial environment.

As your dedicated advisor, a virtual CIO is across all technological advances as they happen. This can help you make informed decisions in an IT context for overall business success.

Independent audit

An experienced vCIO can go through your current systems and processes with a fine-tooth comb, eliminating what’s unnecessary (and unnecessarily expensive), spotting security risks and identifying areas for improvement. Areas the virtual CIO look at include:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Processes
  • Data management

Insider knowledge

As for what equipment and operating systems to use in your business, vCIOs draw on their extensive expertise to advise you. If you’ve been told you should really switch to Mac or start backing up on Dropbox, an impartial vCIO can fill you in on the realities and pros and cons of each.

Managerial expertise

Your dedicated InfoTech CIO gets to know your business, invests in your success and makes the hard decisions about how your IT budget is best invested. Whether it’s overarching strategy development or deciding if upgrades are necessary and feasible, the vCIO offers advice in your best interests.

Tailored solutions

To maximise your IT capabilities, Virtual CIO services are tailored to your company and requirements. The vCIO can attend or be conferenced into meetings to advise on key IT issues, or consult with you privately.

Virtual CIO

Infotech offers vCIO as a service to clients in all industries. If you have any queries on how a vCIO could benefit your business, let’s get in touch. Call (07) 3390 8833.



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