The Value of a Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

Taking a long-term view is critical for your business to succeed. But often we can get so caught up on the ground, actually doing the work, that we don’t find the time or the space to take a step back and think strategically about our business goals.

This is unfortunately all too common in the IT space. We all know how crucial IT is to day-to-day business operations, but often, factoring long term IT needs into business strategy can fall by the wayside. Your IT systems work now, and that’s all that matters.

But this short-term view is trap that’s stifling development. Without that long-term vision and plan, you’re not allowing your company the flexibility and agility to grow.

While this role would typically be undertaken by a Chief Information Office, your business might not be at the size where you can hire, or even need, a CIO role.

This is where a Virtual CIO can be a valuable resource for your business. A Virtual CIO acts as your Chief Information Officer, albeit in a flexible role. By engaging a Virtual CIO, you’re able to engage the expertise, guidance, and strategic vision of a CIO role, without the need to engage a C-level resource.

So let’s look at what role a Virtual CIO plays, and what they can achieve for your organisation.

What does a Virtual CIO do?

Contracting a Virtual CIO enables small-to-medium-sized businesses to leverage a C-level resource, without necessarily engaging a full C-level suite. Instead, they work remotely, and flexibly, typically in a part-time role, ensuring your business’ IT strategy is taken care of by someone who actually knows, understands, and works in IT.

A Virtual CIO is able to come into your team and focus on your business IT strategy, providing advice and support that connects your IT needs to your broader organisational goals. They work with you to factor your IT functions into the long-term business picture, ensuring budget outlays and future plans for upgrades or business expansion are taken into account.

Yet while they work as part of your team, their role as an effective outsider enables them the distance they need to make subjective decisions based on the best strategic fit for the company.

They can support you in:

  • Managing and undertaking an audit of your current IT systems
  • Developing overarching business IT strategy, including setting objectives, identifying opportunities, and managing initiatives to achieve these
  • Facilitating any business IT changes
  • Planning and developing an effective IT budget, and providing annual strategic review to ensure it remains on track
  • Delivering comparative analysis of your business technology and processes
  • Manage your IT procurement, to ensure you’re utilising the correct businesses for your tech and software needs
  • Confirming whether upgrades are required or not, and if they’re a feasible option for your business
  • Provide business continuity and data recovery service in the case that your business falls victim to ransomware, a data breach, or natural disaster.

The value of a Virtual CIO

While it’s typically enterprise-level companies that engage the role of a CIO, it’s actually small to medium businesses who have the most to gain from this service. As such, a Virtual CIO is the ideal solution for SMEs looking to remove business inefficiencies, streamline their processes, and build their potential for growth.

A Virtual CIO will:

  • Enable your business to access a strategic C-level IT service you otherwise wouldn’t have in-house, saving your business time and money
  • Provide an objective third-party view that’s not tied down to granular details or internal politics
  • Align your business’ tech with your future needs, delivering a reliable long-term IT structure, and manage the rollout of this for you
  • Ensure your business stays up to date with changes in the IT landscape.

How much does a Virtual CIO cost?

Engaging a Virtual CIO is a much more cost-effective—and realistic—option for small to medium businesses than engaging a full-time CIO.

At InfoTech Solutions, your Virtual CIO service can be included as part of your managed IT services package. Under this model, we can provide a Virtual CIO resource to undertake the strategic management of your business’ IT needs, and include it in line with your current pricing package.

So you’re getting a better, more effective way to ensure your long-term IT needs are met, without engaging a full-time CIO resource, and the recruitment fees that go along with it.

Ensure the future success of your business with a Virtual CIO

InfoTech Solutions provide end-to-end managed IT services to ensure your business continues to thrive. This includes facilitating your long-term IT planning.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the strategic IT potential an InfoTech VIrtual CIO can deliver for your business.

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