Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Start at the top to stave off problems and ensure future success. An experienced InfoTech Services consultant can serve your business in a high-level strategic consultant capacity as your Virtual CIO.

The role of the virtual CIO:

When mapping out a broader business strategy, it pays to factor in your IT function in terms or budget outlays and future plans for upgrades and expansion. If your IT budget is already approved from the get-go, this saves time accessing funds later.

  • Current systems audit
  • Overarching strategy development (either for third-party implementation or implementation by InfoTech Solutions).
  • Annual strategic review of IT budgets
  • Comparative analysis
  • Deciding whether upgrades are necessary and feasible (for instance, phone system upgrades)

Align your IT requirements with your business goals

Our consultants are often engaged to scrutinise existing systems and advise senior management teams about the future state of IT. This helps them make informed decisions in an IT context for the good of your business.

Our larger clients with internal IT departments favour this service to help them nut out future direction and get a clear idea of where they stand currently.


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