Complete telephony solutions for your business

Phone systems today are more than just communication devices – they’re truly the backbone of our businesses. Advancing technology has allowed for more sophisticated phone systems and more impressive communication methods to become commonplace in our workplaces – and it’s made a huge difference to both productivity and profit   

Traditional or on-premise based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems generally work by connecting to the internet rather than a phone network, usually with minimal room for adjustments or changes. Cloud VoIP systems go above and beyond traditional VoIP by providing a whole host of features that suit all types of businesses without sacrificing flexibility. Whether it be call forwarding, unified messaging, contact-list synchronisation, conference calling or auto attendant, cloud telephony solutions offer it all. 

No matter what your business needs, InfoTech Solutions has a complete communications solution for you.

One phone system, endless possibilities

Collaborate with anyone – anytime, anywhere

Remote working

A great telephony system unifies your communications and supports your employees wherever and whenever they need you. Whether you’re working from home, in the office or even in another country, seamless communication lets you enhance your collaboration and productivity.


No matter if your business is booming or you’re looking to downsize, our phone systems are designed to be completely scalable. Being based in the cloud, you can also reduce the amount of hardware on your premises –meaning lowered costs for your business.

Direct routing

Depending on the phones you choose, you have the option to use direct routing – allowing you to use Microsoft Teams as your phone system. This means you can have the best integrations for your business, without any extra add–ons.

All the best features – now in the cloud

Our phone systems are based in the cloud, not on a physical device. This means you don’t have to worry about taking up space on your premises or maintaining equipment– you have access to powerful features at an affordable cost.  

Installation and migration is simple and easy – we make sure you have no issues with the transition and, crucially, no downtime. Our cloud telephony solutions consistently deliver exceptional voice quality and agile mobility, while supporting your business to the highest standard. 

Connect with confidence

In our on-the-go society, your phones need to be as flexible as you are. Advanced features allow your telephony system to make calls to any line, every day of the year. To ensure this is the case, we monitor and maintain your systems – informing you immediately if there’s an issue.  

To get started we’ll assess your current phone systems and determine if they’re right for your business goals, before we make any recommendations. We also look at the price you currently pay, so we can find a tailored solution for you. 


To optimise your telephony and enhance your business, arrange a personalised consultation by giving us a call on 07 3390 8833

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