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From servers and emails to mobile phones and the cloud, security breaches can happen in any area of your business – resulting in catastrophic financial, reputational and operational implications. With Infotech Solutions’ stand-alone security packages, you can rest assured your sensitive information is as secure as possible – today, tomorrow and every day into the future.

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Our security audit examines every area of your business.

Delivering the Essential Eight

As experts in IT security, we go above and beyond the Essential Eight mitigation strategies set out by the Australian government. These eight steps prevent malware delivery and execution, limit the extent of cyber attacks and help recover data, and are a baseline we implement before going on to provide an even more robust security offering.

Service Levels to Suit You

No one wants to have to tell customers their data’s been breached – the results can be costly and disastrous for everyone. With InfoTech Solutions’ extensive security offering, we can offer you the ultimate protection for your business – so whatever your company size or particular concern, we offer a range of service levels to keep your information safe.

Ongoing peace of mind

Once we secure every area of your business, we make sure it stays that way. Our ongoing service sees us monitor every aspect of your IT for breaches – reviewing policies and components as required, and alerting you immediately should we detect a vulnerability. With InfoTech Solutions’ ongoing security support, you can know you’re covered for any eventuality – leaving you free to do what you do best.

Forewarned is forearmed

Our rigorous security auditing uncovers your vulnerabilities and finds your weak spots – meaning you can put everything in place to protect your valuable information. From policies and procedures to mobile device management, we’ll perform intrusion and vulnerability testing that gives us a clear picture of your current situation – a picture that then informs the steps we take to raise your security to the highest possible levels.


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