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We’re well equipped to swiftly and effectively create, roll-out and manage every IT solution with our industry-leading approach.

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InfoTech Solutions is committed to the design and implementation of IT solutions that ultimately offer improved reliability, performance and productivity.

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Our expansive knowledge helps ensure we continue to offer leading-edge solutions, to afford the businesses we work with a genuine competitive advantage.

How do our IT Consultants work with your business?

We seek to understand your frustrations before we customise the best fitting solution for your business.

Put simply, there is not an IT issue or solution we are not equipped to manage, rectify and capitalise on. Whether providing small business IT consulting services, or advice to national organisations, we’ve been in the business for a long time. We understand every type of IT issue. Our overarching mission is to resolve your frustrations and make changes to improve your network performance.

Whether you want to set up remote access, sync satellite offices or implement the highest security measures to protect your business and critical data, InfoTech Solutions can make it happen.

We provide a long-term outlook that will serve your business needs for years to come.

We are well-skilled in the seamless management of one-off IT projects, from start to finish. Aside from our technical expertise, we are experts in change management.

We remain committed to engaging staff, and bringing them along on the journey. Our aim is to ensure your team embraces the changes, equipping them with the knowledge to get the best out of all system upgrades.

Getting the job done to the highest standard, whatever it takes.

Ask any of our long-standing and valued clients and they’ll tell you we truly go above and beyond in everything we do. Sustaining meaningful and long-term client relationships is vitally important to us.

So, whether your issue presents in the middle of a busy Wednesday, or at 3am on a Sunday morning, we’re always here to pull out the stops in finding the solution, fast.

IT Consultant Brisbane

Why should I work with InfoTech IT Consultants?

Every company is different, and your cloud hosting solution should match your unique needs. At InfoTech Solutions, we work with you to implement a system solution that’s tailored to your business’ specific requirements. One that takes into account the applications and platforms you use, the size of your business, and the security measures to keep you safe.

From network & infrastructure upgrades to remote access solutions, cloud migrations and even project resourcing, we can create a holistic solution that helps drive your business success.

Every aspect of your IT project handled, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits!

InfoTech Solutions is committed to the design and implementation of IT solutions that ultimately offer improved reliability, performance and productivity.

Seeking a fresh set of eyes to consider your existing set-up and the improvements that could be made? Have an ad-hoc problem that needs expert attention? With Infotech Solutions, you can be confident you’re in capable hands.

We’ll handle everything from the initial scoping of the project, to sourcing all hardware and software at competitive prices, and fast implementation to ensure minimal system downtime. We then remain on-hand to troubleshoot any teething problems.

To upgrade or transition to a new system effectively, careful planning is crucial to avoid disruption to your business operations. We’ll devise an implementation plan that considers and works around your business-as-usual functions.

The roll-out itself will occur at an agreed time, identified as being the most appropriate window to minimise the impact on your business, staff and customers.

  • Devise scope of project
  • Source all hardware and software
  • Troubleshoot any issues
  • Drive high performance and increased productivity

System Performance Upgrades

Often clients come to us seeking to resolve performance issues. These may be caused by a number of factors, from outdated hardware and software, to legacy systems that are no longer fit-for-purpose.

In the first instance, we’ll work with you to understand your current frustrations, goals and future network requirements. Knowing what you need from your system in the immediate, short and long-term will help inform the development of smart recommendations.

We’ll then conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing network infrastructure. This will inform our recommended changes that will result in the performance improvements you’re seeking.

How can we help grow your business?

We are well-skilled in the seamless management of one-off IT projects, from start to finish. Aside from our technical expertise, we are experts in change management.

We remain committed to engaging staff, and bringing them along on the journey. Our aim is to ensure your team embraces the changes, equipping them with the knowledge to get the best out of all system upgrades.

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With a solid understanding of your current setup, we'll develop an easy-to-follow plan that will help you achieve your future business goals.

Step 3:
Focus On Growth

Our expert implementation team will get to work, and all you have to do is re-schedule the additional free time you've just earned.

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Step #1:
Schedule a Strategy Call

With InfoTech, you’ll no longer find yourself or your team wasting valuable time trying to resolve your IT frustrations. Allow us to build a custom strategy, targeted at solving your current IT headaches in a streamlined fashion.

Simply schedule a strategy call as the first step towards business growth today. 

Customer Testimonials

A very Professional team of individuals that offer a very prompt and competent service. Thoroughly recommended.
Bruce McLennan
Bruce M.
05:12 31 Mar 21
Our office is in a remote rural location so IT services are essential to ensure work flows smoothly. The staff at Info Tech Solutions are always available to discuss computer issues and mostly have the matter resolved quickly. They understand the problem verbalised over the phone and can gain access remotely to find and fix the problem. Friendly staff to have a brief chat with also.
Mia Francis
Mia F.
03:49 27 Aug 20
First rate service from Infotech...Ask a question and a quick diagnosis follows..You could not ask for more from Infotech. Always willing to help
Charles Page
Charles P.
03:38 29 Jul 20
I have worked with InfoTech for a number of years, on numerous projects and I could not recommend them enough, very professional with an outstanding work ethic. I would not use anyone else.
Sledge Netmedia
Sledge N.
03:47 24 Jun 20
The Team at Infotech are our go to for everything in IT and more. Service is fantastic and constantly helping us improve our systems and processes to deliver better outcomes for our clients!
Neill Reilly
Neill R.
22:44 19 Feb 20
InfoTech Solutions have looked after our Managed Services, hosting and all IT requirements for many years. The service is reliable and we never experience down-time. Any issues are quickly resolved.
Sue Mackenzie-Smith
Sue M.
06:53 19 Feb 20
Infotech have been an exception partner to our business. There attention to detail and ownership of all issues make them a stand out.
Paul Whimp
Paul W.
04:03 19 Feb 20

Our Industries

We partner with clients from various segments of Australia’s professional services industry. Our clients depend on us for easy-to-use, reliable IT systems that help them do business better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over and above the traditional on-site server, the cloud is fast becoming the go-to option for modern business network solutions. The vast majority of organisations report either using or being interested in implementing elements of the cloud into their system, whether it be a public, private or hybrid-solution.

It’s important to note there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ cloud-based solution, due to the differing needs of each individual business. Through understanding your situation, priorities, goals and potential future technology needs, our team will provide sound advice on the various cloud options available and the set-up that’s right for you.

We’ll work with you to effectively oversee a seamless migration process that incorporates careful and strategic planning, the development of appropriate policies, effective security measures, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance for maximum rewards.

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We sure can! Let us sit down with you to discuss your current and future business needs, as well as any barriers posed by your existing network set-up. We’ll use these insights as well as the results of our own fact-finding efforts to identify potential improvements, and design the network solution that will best meet your objectives.

The short answer is no! We have developed a reputation as one of the most trusted Brisbane IT companies. However, while our headquarters is in Brisbane, we have clients all over the country. Support is delivered remotely by our Australia-based team, or on-site via our nationwide network of technicians.

And don’t forget, aside from one-off projects we also offer a total, ongoing Managed Service solution, to ensure your network is always primed for peak performance, day in, day out.

We also offer:

  • Server farm installation & maintenance
  • Remote access roll out
  • Performance updates
  • Syncing satellite offices
  • Cloud migration
  • Security Solutions & much more!

Because every business is different when it comes to IT requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all cloud-based solution.

While public and private cloud options both offer their own advantages and limitations, many businesses are turning to hybrid solutions that combine physical and expertly managed hardware, with elements of both public and private cloud services.

The job of IT consultants like Infotech Solutions is to consider your unique business circumstances and identify the most appropriate solution.

Our world is changing, and Infotech Solutions is committed to working with you to ensure your network is enabled to change with it.

The recent and unprecedented shift towards remote working has left many companies with the need to provide remote access to critical business applications in a way they have never done before.

Establishing a cost effective, secure and real-time means of accessing files from multiple locations – whether that be geographically disparate business premises, or people’s home offices – is therefore of paramount importance. Let our advisors consider your unique circumstances and suggest a solution to enable the remote access your people need.

This might include the implementation of virtual private networks (VPNs), wide area networks (WANs) and cloud-based solutions. Equally, our expertise can be used to sync up satellite offices and multiple locations. This means everyone working from the same system, with updates applied in real time.

It may also involve the implementation of new systems such as Office 365, which help to enable seamless collaboration amongst your people, regardless of their location. And of course, all of the above will be managed with security top-of-mind!

Absolutely! We’ll take the time at the start of our relationship with you to understand your current and future business needs.

If a period of accelerated growth is anticipated, you’ll need to be sure any upgrades to your network are scalable, so that you can easily ramp up capacity when required.

Incorporating elements of the cloud into your network solution is one example of how this can easily be achieved.


We have entered an era in which remote working and access to critical business information is becoming increasingly common, and vital. This decentralisation of business functions brings with it a range of additional security risks and considerations.

To avoid potentially damaging security breaches, our team will audit your current systems, consider your distinct requirements and identify existing and potential security hazards. This will result in recommended precautions that will be of maximum benefit to your business.

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