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Cloud hosting and cloud services are the way of the future. Get in touch with InfoTech Solutions to discuss how we can deploy a cloud solution for your Brisbane business.

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Our team of expert technicians is on-hand to quickly resolve any issue. With Infotech your business technology is in capable hands.

Avoid Lost Data

Our Cloud Hosting Disaster Recovery service is a three-fold system focusing on backup, protection, and security to keep your data safe and ready when you’re faced with disaster.

Get Your Time Back

With InfoTech, you’ll no longer find yourself or your team wasting valuable company time trying to resolving IT frustrations.

Cloud Solutions Brisbane

Why Your Business Should Move to the Cloud?

Cloud services streamline how you work

It’s time to leverage the flexibility, agility, and unrivalled size that cloud services can deliver. By untethering your business from local servers and migrating your systems to the cloud, you’ll be able to harness the speed and power that comes from a truly future-focused solution.

Improve your business’ security posture

Cloud services are built for the modern age, and designed to keep your data and information as safe as possible. With enterprise-level security features, including multi-layered systems redundancies, your data and cloud platforms create a secure, robust private network that only authorised users can access.

A Cloud Hosting Solution Enables You To Better Build A Scalable Organisation

Rather than relying on a raft of bulky IT hardware and computing infrastructure, cloud solutions enable your business to access what you need via applications all hosted online. You’re able to free up the physical storage you use, while accessing data storage that grows seamlessly as your business does.

Cloud Hosting Brisbane

Why should I work with InfoTech for our Cloud Solution?

Every company is different, and your cloud hosting solution should match your unique needs. At InfoTech Solutions, we work with you to implement a cloud solution that’s tailored to your business’ specific requirements. One that takes into account the applications and platforms you use, the size of your business, and the security measures to keep you safe.

From cloud hosting and on-demand software services, to disaster recovery and data backup, data archiving, and even project resourcing, we can create a holistic solution that leverages the power of the cloud.

Cloud Consulting Brisbane

Ensure thorough business continuity and disaster recovery

Our Cloud Hosting Disaster Recovery service is a three-fold system focusing on backup, protection, and security to keep your data safe and ready when you’re faced with disaster.

This means that your business’ data is regularly duplicated and saved, and stored safely on a secure cloud server, providing a fail-safe option against cybercriminals, ransomware attacks, and hardware failure.

Secure Cloud Backups & Recovery

Minimise downtime with secure cloud backups

Our Cloud Hosting Disaster Recovery service is a three-fold system focusing on backup, protection, and security to keep your data safe and ready when you’re faced with disaster.

This means that your business’ data is regularly duplicated and saved, and stored safely on a secure cloud server, providing a fail-safe option against cybercriminals, ransomware attacks, and hardware failure.

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Cloud Computing Brisbane

Our Cloud Services & Support Includes:

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Cloud Services Process

Step 1:
Schedule a Strategy Call

Simply call us on (07) 3390 8833 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a strategy call time that suits you.

Step 2:
Custom Service Plan

With a solid understanding of your current setup, we'll develop an easy-to-follow plan that will help you achieve your future business goals.

Step 3:
Focus On Growth

Our expert implementation team will get to work, and all you have to do is re-schedule the additional free time you've just earned.

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Step #1:
Schedule a Strategy Call

With InfoTech, you’ll no longer find yourself or your team wasting valuable time trying to resolve your IT frustrations. Get in touch with us today to discuss migrating your Brisbane business to a streamlined, secure cloud solution.

Simply schedule a strategy call as the first step towards business growth with a cloud driven solution.

Customer Testimonials

A very Professional team of individuals that offer a very prompt and competent service. Thoroughly recommended.
Bruce McLennan
Bruce M.
05:12 31 Mar 21
Our office is in a remote rural location so IT services are essential to ensure work flows smoothly. The staff at Info Tech Solutions are always available to discuss computer issues and mostly have the matter resolved quickly. They understand the problem verbalised over the phone and can gain access remotely to find and fix the problem. Friendly staff to have a brief chat with also.
Mia Francis
Mia F.
03:49 27 Aug 20
First rate service from Infotech...Ask a question and a quick diagnosis follows..You could not ask for more from Infotech. Always willing to help
Charles Page
Charles P.
03:38 29 Jul 20
I have worked with InfoTech for a number of years, on numerous projects and I could not recommend them enough, very professional with an outstanding work ethic. I would not use anyone else.
Sledge Netmedia
Sledge N.
03:47 24 Jun 20
The Team at Infotech are our go to for everything in IT and more. Service is fantastic and constantly helping us improve our systems and processes to deliver better outcomes for our clients!
Neill Reilly
Neill R.
22:44 19 Feb 20
InfoTech Solutions have looked after our Managed Services, hosting and all IT requirements for many years. The service is reliable and we never experience down-time. Any issues are quickly resolved.
Sue Mackenzie-Smith
Sue M.
06:53 19 Feb 20
Infotech have been an exception partner to our business. There attention to detail and ownership of all issues make them a stand out.
Paul Whimp
Paul W.
04:03 19 Feb 20

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We partner with clients from various segments of Australia’s professional services industry. Our clients depend on us for easy-to-use, reliable IT systems that help them do business better.

Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, cloud computing is where you use a remote network of services to store and manage your own data, all hosted through the internet, instead of hosting it locally. Essentially, it’s an online storage and computing space that you can access online, with the real-world hardware being stored securely in a different location to where you’re using it.

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As an IT solutions provider delivering cloud computing and cloud consulting to Brisbane businesses, we give the cloud two thumbs up. But we also understand your anxiety if you’ve always stored your things on-site.

At InfoTech Solutions we provide enterprise-level cloud security solutions for business of all sizes, and deploy a range of IT security strategies to ensure your data and cloud computing network remain as secure as possible.

Give us a call and we’ll explain why there is no danger of data loss or security breaches, and how we can help you transition to the cloud seamlessly, safely, and securely. Or, head to our IT security page to learn more about security for your cloud hosting solution.

Yes, there are several different types of cloud options available.

Public cloud platforms are the commonly-used ones, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. These are known as public clouds as their services are available to the general public.

Private cloud platforms are those that are created as their own private network, and hosted either in a corporate data centre or a colocation facility. These types of cloud services provide greater security and control for the user.

Hybrid cloud solutions are when a public cloud and private cloud platform are linked.

A multi-cloud architecture solution is when two or more public cloud platforms are linked together.

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Any applications that are designed for collaboration benefit greatly from being run in the cloud. And these days, that’s most of them.

With cloud computing and cloud hosting for your Brisbane business, in theory you can run practically any application in the cloud. But this is only in theory. In practice, it’s important to ensure that the application actually requires cloud capability—and that your business has the necessary internet bandwidth and security measures to do so.

Our cloud consulting experts are here to help you realise the benefits that cloud services can deliver for your business. Our goal is to help your company understand both what a robust cloud solution looks like for your requirements, and how you can make the most of this exciting business transformation.

When it comes to cloud consulting services, it’s all about delivering a solution that optimises how your business functions. Our cloud consultants provide the skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve a successful cloud migration, providing a range of services to create, transform, and migrate your workload to your new cloud landscape.

We’ll work with you to determine your business goals, and identify the cloud solutions and architecture that will enable your business success. We then plan your cloud transformation with you, and provide a road map of how your business-wide transition will work. Then, we’ll manage the process for you, delivering a seamless migration to the cloud.

To prepare for a cloud solution for your Brisbane business, the first thing you need to do is ensure you have the available internet bandwidth to manage this new load. Then, InfoTech Solutions can help you plan, deploy, and manage your cloud solution for you.

Because every business is different when it comes to IT requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all cloud-based solution. While public and private cloud options both offer their own advantages and limitations, many businesses are turning to hybrid solutions that combine physical and expertly managed hardware, with elements of both public and private cloud services.

The job of IT consultants like Infotech Solutions is to consider your unique business circumstances and identify the most appropriate solution.

How much you pay for cloud hosting and cloud services all depends on the complexity of the service and how long you’re engaging our services for. Give us a call to discuss your business’ requirements, and we can furnish you with a more accurate quote.

Upgrading to cloud services means you get unparalleled access to your systems from anywhere, on any device. Your teams can connect from wherever they work, and access the applications and information they need, when they need it. And with cloud applications optimised for joint authoring and collaboration, your teams and work, discuss, and share information seamlessly and securely, in real-time.

Upgrading to a cloud solution enables better connection, regardless of the distance, and enables a more flexible, more agile workforce.

We have developed a reputation as one of the most trusted IT companies providing cloud solutions for Brisbane businesses. However, while our headquarters is in Brisbane, we have clients all over the country. Our Australia-based team can deliver support remotely, or on-site via our nationwide network of technicians.

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