Managed IT Services: Small Business VS Enterprise

Managed IT Small Business vs Enterprise

Modern business problems beg for modern business solutions. When it comes to small businesses and enterprises, advanced IT services are the ‘it’ scaling tool worth resorting to. 

Regular check-ups, solving network-related issues, and ensuring protection from malware and spyware—these are just a few of the countless necessary steps that enable small businesses and enterprises to keep growing flawlessly on a daily basis.  

Oftentimes, internal IT support teams are not suitably equipped to deal with the growing demands of the business they are serving. After all, cybercrime has taken an even fuller swing at small businesses and enterprises, considering them to be unprepared and unprotected cash-cows ripe for the taking. 

So, how do managed IT services help a business sustain itself on the market and remain safe and sound?

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at how managed IT services enable small businesses and enterprises to get the designated professional support they require and how different MSPs may favour each business type individually.

Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Managed IT Services for small business ventures can truly be life-saving. Our managed IT services in Brisbane has shown this to be true repeatedly. Not only are small businesses especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but they’re also most likely to be less developed—meaning they’re often less inclined to hire or afford a professional internal IT team. 

The IT teams of most small businesses are likewise, small. It makes sense that— whereas they may be knowledgeable when it comes to certain types of IT issues—they won’t be able to successfully deal with every obstacle along their way. 

An MSP on the other hand could take the brunt of the burden, covering most of the IT-related security and maintenance aspects that fall under a small business’s scope. 

The benefits of this are not superficial. Things will run much more smoothly within the business and the internal IT team will be able to learn from the MSP. 

So, how exactly can managed IT services aid small businesses?

Data Backup

Managed IT services are experienced and thus, expected to know all the “ins and outs” of your particular small business and IT environment. Such details include regulations, rules, and legislation just to name a few. 

MSPs will ensure that, one, all business-related data is carefully guarded and, two, that each new addition is conserved via a backup. To phrase it simply, solid IT support vouches for the safekeeping of a wide range of small business information.

DraaS (Recovery After Disaster)

Like it or not, accidents do happen and sometimes, they cannot be avoided. However, not all needs to be lost when they do occur. 

Managed IT services will help your small business recover as quickly as possible after any type of unanticipated disaster—just like they will help you recover any lost, or shuffled data. After all, they have both the technology and the experience under their belt to guarantee this.

Security Guarantee

The face of managed IT services comes as refined and first-class protection against viruses, malware, and spyware is guaranteed. It makes sense, as it is what MSPs excel in and what they most often have to adapt to.

To elaborate, as malware tends to “evolve” with the development of technology, it forces MSPs to grow alongside it. This way, they can meet the demands of any small business threatened by viruses. 

Network Stability

While internal IT teams can be competent when it comes to other types of issues— network problems usually require a better knowledge of the internet as well as security-related issues. 

Luckily, MSPs tend to be very well acquainted with the internet environment of your small business before they’ve even been hired. Naturally, this makes them the most reliable partners in maintaining and promoting network stability for respective business parties. 

IT Support & Monitoring

Finally, managed IT services for small business endeavours may help with the maintenance and proper functioning of your entire IT interface and framework. MSPs send alerts anytime something needs updating, whilst simultaneously keeping track of your work. 

MSPs offer standard IT support as well, to enforce the communication between your team and customers. At the same time, to run things smoothly, the services also keep a clear database of solutions and tools concerning potential or unforeseen IT issues.

Enterprise IT Managed Services

Similarly, enterprises can also benefit from managed IT services in a plethora of ways. Still, there are some key differences to note in this case. Not only are enterprises allowed to function more smoothly when supported by an MSP, but they are also likely to be much more productive. Additionally, MSPs specialise in disaster prevention, meaning that any mishaps or cyber-attacks will be avoided before they can snowball into bigger problems.

The crucial enterprise-only managed IT services are as follows:

The Break/Fix Model

While the break/fix model existed even before managed IT services became a thing, it is still a service offered to this day. What the model basically amounts to is ensuring that whenever your enterprise experiences some kind of IT-related issue, they can contact the MSP and ask for an apt solution. 

Once the “break” has been “fixed”, the enterprise will pay the required amount and continue with its business until any need of further assistance. 

Managed Contracts

The alternative option is managed contracts. These are, by far, much more all-encompassing than break/fix support. 

The enterprise pays a monthly fee to the MSP, but its overall IT security is covered. Most of the time, the MSP doesn’t wait for an issue to arise or for “something to break”—they monitor the network and try to locate and eliminate every threat before it strikes. 

This option is more expensive, yet, considering enterprise IT risks, it might be the smarter option to go for. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, both small businesses and enterprises can make great use of managed IT services. Regardless of what you’re looking for in particular, an MSP will be of great use. Whether you are a small ambitious business or an established enterprise, our team of experts provides unparalleled Managed IT Services in Brisbane.

Managed Services Brisbane is one of the best MSPs in Australia, specialising in all kinds of online monitoring and protection. We will be able to cover all of your needs – and more! 

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