• What locations do you service?

    Our office is in Brisbane, but we have clients all over Australia and have the capability to support off-shoring business models.

  • Will you take on one-off IT jobs?

    Definitely. Most of our Managed Services clients started out as just a single job. Then they found out how much easier life can be when you subscribe to a Managed Services plan and the same trusted team handles your entire IT function (not to mention how much cheaper it is than paying by the hour).

  • Would you recommend a move to the cloud? Is it safe?

    We give the cloud two thumbs up, but we understand your anxiety if you’ve always stored your things on-site. Give us a call and we’ll explain why there is no danger of data loss or security breaches.

  • How often should I back up my data?

    It all depends on how fast you accumulate data. If you lost, say, the last four days of data, what would the consequences be? If you could recover unharmed, four days is fine. If not, you will need to back up more frequently.

  • Is anti-virus enough protection?

    We miss the days when it was! If you’re dealing with sensitive information and people’s credit card details, for example, let us recommend an effective security platform for you.

  • What is your pricing structure?

    We charge by the hour, by the month and per project. How much all depends on the complexity of the service and how long you are engaging our services for.