How to Explain Managed IT Services to Your Boss

In simple terms, managed IT services is an outsourced IT partnership with a third-party team who manages the entirety of your IT services for you.

In practice, what they do varies. The service can be as simple as taking care of your IT support: managing your software and hardware needs, solving tech issues and errors. Or it can be as involved as a full team of tech support experts providing proactive cybersecurity measures and threat analysis for your entire business.

But how do you frame managed IT services for your boss? Let’s break it down.

Managed IT services are provided by an external team

You bring in a business consultant to improve your business processes, so why wouldn’t you bring in an IT consultant to improve your IT?

Managed IT services are better than an IT consultant. They work with you for the long term to analyse and review your IT support services and technology needs. They then identify inefficiencies and provide advice on where your business can improve your procedures.

And, as they’re an external team, they’re not caught up in any internal politics. Their goal is to manage your IT services as effectively as possible to achieve your business goals.

It’s more thorough than IT support

IT support is essential these days, but it only goes so far. At its limit, your IT support services are quite reactive, very down-the-line, and not really set up for proactive business support thinking.

Conversely, managed IT services are designed for mature businesses with more mature IT needs. It fills in the gaps and expands the parameters of what your IT support can provide, and can help you plan your IT needs for the future.

They can help you:

  • Map, analyse, and optimise your business’ entire computer and technological ecosystem
  • Identify any potential or future vulnerabilities in your network, and put processes in place to combat these before they arise
  • Provide both on-site and remote data storage, and execute regular backups to ensure your business’ data remains as safe as possible
  • Work directly with your technology vendors to identify better products, and even negotiate better prices on your behalf
  • Provide thorough training to your staff to ensure everyone is full-bottle on your specific business systems and company cybersecurity protocols.

When explaining this to your boss, make a note that you can still keep your in-house IT team if you need to. They’re the ones there on the ground who can help your teams with their immediate role-related issues.

You’re getting a specialist service

Managed IT services is much more than just the IT help desk. It’s a team of IT experts, whose role requires them to be fully-trained and up to date with the latest IT support protocols, tools, and software. And they’re constantly learning, so they always stay on the ball.

Managed IT services saves your business time

While your managed IT services team is there to solve your tech and software issues, they’re a much larger team than what you currently have. So they’re less stretched—and less stressed—than your current internal IT guy.

But more than this, their role is to keep your business systems running as efficiently and as effectively as possible. They can proactively provide support and software that improves your processes, and helps your staff to work more efficiently. And by taking care of more than just the IT, they can take a lot of mental load off your managers, and free up your time to focus on your business-critical tasks.

It saves you money

When engaging managed IT services, you’re not hiring a full-time staff member to manage the IT needs of your entire business. You’re engaging a business on a contract basis who can dive in and out of your systems as required. So, there’s no need to manage the associated costs that come with searching, sourcing, and onboarding a new hire. There’s no training required, they come to you fully-trained. You pay one monthly fee, and they do everything your IT team would do, plus more.

You get complete protection for your business

Your managed IT services provider ensures that your business regularly updates your antivirus software and firewalls, so that your entire network is patched against the latest security threats. They provide oversight of your network, and run regular vulnerability checks to ensure there are no security gaps.

And where your internal IT team likely work regular business hours, managed IT services doesn’t. Their role is to be available around the clock to solve your issues, react to cyber threats, and mitigate issues as they occur.

Looking for managed IT services in Brisbane?

InfoTech Solutions provides managed IT support solutions that are designed to improve how your business operates. Get in touch with us today to discuss your managed IT needs—we can even help explain it to your boss.

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