The Next Big Thing in Cloud Services


As more and more businesses work remotely, it’s clear what the next big thing in cloud services is going to be: cloud security.

With organisations facing the reality of hundreds of their employees working from home, cybersecurity has become a much more pressing issue. Criminals have adapted to the changed remote working environment. They’re more than capable of taking advantage of employees who aren’t cyber-prepared.

The statistics reveal that companies know this is a threat – but are simply not equipped to deal with it. The 2021 Cloud Security Report found that, although the overwhelming majority of companies are at least moderately concerned about public cloud security, only 73% rated themselves as security-ready.

But as this technology grows, and more business realise the benefits of cloud hosting, it’s evident that cloud security is the next emerging trend.

Why cloud security is vital for business

Most organisations today are using some form of cloud security. But businesses are increasingly (and rightfully) concerned with the risks of this new form of data storage – whether it’s lost confidential information or stolen intellectual property.

A robust cloud security strategy not only helps businesses overcome a great deal of these challenges. It ultimately provides far-reaching benefits that boost a company’s bottom line:

  • It helps companies scale, with in-built automation reducing the manual labour required for a traditional cybersecurity team
  • It allows businesses to be proactive, granting them controls to prevent malicious (and accidental) security incidents from happening
  • It embeds security solutions to an existing framework, allowing businesses to carry on their operations without interruption
  • It’s fast – cloud security capabilities can be embedded into a network in minutes (as opposed to the months it could take to build the right team)

3 cloud security trends to watch

Cloud security is not a ‘set and forget’ solution. Enterprises should always keep up to date with the latest trends in the technology to ensure their data is as secure as possible.

Below we’ve outlined three trends to keep an eye on.

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

BYOK is an emerging encryption key management system that allows companies to encrypt their data in the cloud and have control over their own so-called ‘encryption key’.

You therefore have the key to your own data, stored in the vaults of the cloud provider, and reduce the opportunities of third parties to access it.

Cloud Service Access Brokers

Cloud Service Access Brokers (CSABs) is a service that acts as the middleman between your company’s infrastructure and a cloud provider’s infrastructure.

The CSABs are ‘enforcement points’, meaning they are the ones responsible for enforcing your security policies such as firewalls or authentication.

bThe evolution of Development, Security and Operations (DevSecOps) from traditional Development and Operations (DevOps) is one of the most significant trends to watch.

This strategy embeds security into every stage of the development cycle most IT teams are familiar with. Threats are therefore continually assessed while software is routinely upgraded.

Why cloud security is the future

It is undeniable that the cloud will continue to play a fundamental role in modern commerce. Statista estimates that $74.6 billion will be spent in 2021 on cloud IT infrastructure.  

As cybercriminals and threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, security needs to foresee and stop attacks from happening in real-time. Cloud security is the way to make that happen.

The cloud can leverage massive amounts of data over hundreds of people to immediately address threats that impact entire organisations.

It has become the so-called ‘predictive security’ that a modern enterprise needs. It can target attacks that traditional security solutions miss. It can identify an attacker before systems are even placed at risk.

The technology is also continuously advancing. It is becoming more automated, resilient, and intelligent. A key challenge for cloud services providers (and, indeed, companies) as the technology becomes more sophisticated will be to maintain its user-friendliness and minimise its complexity.

Organisations will need to embrace this security if they are to fully tackle contemporary cybersecurity risks.

Cloud services in Brisbane

If you’re based in Brisbane and looking to invest in robust cloud security solutions, our team at InfoTech Solutions have the qualified experts that can help.

We offer unmatched cloud services in Brisbane specifically tailored for your organisation, helping you realise the potential of this powerful cost-effective technology.

If you’re eager to learn more about how cloud security can secure your data, please get in touch with us today. 

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