Managed Services vs In-house, Which One Is Best?

Managed Services vs In-House

Information technology is the backbone of every company. And yes, even your traditional brick-and-mortar business is adopting the use of apps, alongside more complicated CRM systems and proprietary software that are helping them scale.  We truly are living in the fourth industrial revolution.  But, while the benefits (in our opinion) seem to infinitely outweigh the […]

Managed IT Services: Small Business VS Enterprise

Managed IT Small Business vs Enterprise

Modern business problems beg for modern business solutions. When it comes to small businesses and enterprises, advanced IT services are the ‘it’ scaling tool worth resorting to.  Regular check-ups, solving network-related issues, and ensuring protection from malware and spyware—these are just a few of the countless necessary steps that enable small businesses and enterprises to […]

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud: Which is Best for My Business?


IT services have come a long way since chunky computers with long waiting times and absurd prices. Businesses today have the choice to pick up cloud storage for any of their operational or managerial activities. Most IT service companies will typically offer public, private and hybrid cloud storage options for businesses that are looking to […]

Cloud Backup: Critical Actions that Ensure Your Data Is Secure


If you use a computer regularly, you’ll have probably dealt with the numerous prompts and reminders to back up your data. Although annoying, this is for good reason. Most businesses should be aware of how critical saving, backing up and having the option to recover your data really is.  Businesses who do utilise cloud backup […]

The Next Big Thing in Cloud Services


As more and more businesses work remotely, it’s clear what the next big thing in cloud services is going to be: cloud security. With organisations facing the reality of hundreds of their employees working from home, cybersecurity has become a much more pressing issue. Criminals have adapted to the changed remote working environment. They’re more […]

Top 5 Benefits of Hosting in the Cloud


There’s never been a better time for your business to invest in cloud services. More and more people across Australia and the world are working from home. A recent Australian Institute of Family Studies survey found that 67% of Australians were either sometimes or always working from home. This was compared to 42% before the […]

A Layman’s Guide to Managed IT Services Terminology


At InfoTech Solutions we work, live, and breathe Managed IT Services. But we know that not everyone does. So we’ve pulled together a quick list of common Managed IT Services terminology you may hear, and translated them into simple terms, to give you a better understanding of what’s involved with your Managed IT Services solution. […]

The Value of a Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

Taking a long-term view is critical for your business to succeed. But often we can get so caught up on the ground, actually doing the work, that we don’t find the time or the space to take a step back and think strategically about our business goals. This is unfortunately all too common in the […]

The Top 5 Requested IT Support Solutions


We know that every business is different, and operates in a different way. Your needs aren’t the same as the company next door. But while every business is different, we actually see a lot of similarities in the IT support requests from our business clients. In this blog, we’ll look at the top five IT […]

How Much Should You Be Spending on Managed IT Services?


One common question we receive is ‘How much should I spend on managed IT services?’ We know that’s why you’re reading this blog, but the honest answer is that the cost of managed IT services is different for every business. As with most business services, there is no one-size-fits-all approach—which is why you’re investigating managed […]

How to Explain Managed IT Services to Your Boss

In simple terms, managed IT services is an outsourced IT partnership with a third-party team who manages the entirety of your IT services for you. In practice, what they do varies. The service can be as simple as taking care of your IT support: managing your software and hardware needs, solving tech issues and errors. […]

An Introduction to Managed IT services

For most businesses, technology load and needs have expanded exponentially in the last 20 years.  In the late 90s, your typical business IT network was a simple affair. IT teams were mostly there just to fix bugs and correct errors, work out why the printer wasn’t working, and help you connect to the internet. Most […]